Bad Eddie & Crohy Head

Bad Eddie & Crohy Head

January 28, 2017

There’s a draw to the north west coastline of Ireland that I’m struggling to shake off.  A need to explore the ruggedness and rawness of some of the most secluded and isolated stretches of beaches, cliffs, headlands and shipwrecks that Donegal has to offer.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not dismissing my beloved Causeway Coast.  But for now, a new infatuation has started and I can’t resist!  But surely this can only be a good thing for my creative juices as it allows me a chance to explore pastures new and return to the Causeway inspired and re-charged.

Yesterday, I headed in search of two new locations – Bad Eddie and Crohy Head.  Both would make ideal sunset locations but for yesterday, one was a recce trip and the other was a ‘shooting’ location.  Ironically, I ended up shooting very different images at both locations that I hadn’t intended.

After a ‘food stop-off’ at Kearnan’s just outside Letterkenny, we headed on towards Bunbeg, to do a recce of the shipwreck ‘Bad Eddie’ at Magheraclogher Beach.  Thanks to some local knowledge, I knew it was best to visit and explore the wreck at low tide, with the plan to return on another occasion at sunset.  The winds were howling on the beach and it proved quite difficult to shelter the camera from the elements.  Thankfully we got some lovely side lighting hitting the wreck which was an added bonus as I hadn’t really intended to shoot much here.


Irish landscape photography of Bunbeg shipwreck Bad Eddie


After a quick coffee stop, it was onto the sea arch at Crohy Head.  An ideal sunset location, we remained hopefully as the skies had cleared but as it got closer to sunset, the clouds rolled in and the light was gone.  Trying to shoot long exposures from the top of a cliff in galeforce winds is quite the challenge, yet somehow I managed a few ‘sharp’ images.  Here’s my favourite below, a 111 second exposure shot at f11 on the Canon 5DS c/w 16-35mm lens.