Slemish Star Trails

Slemish Star Trails

January 16, 2017

It's amazing what you can see in the night sky when you take a moment, disconnect from your mobile phone, and simply 'look up'.  The night sky is a hive of activity!

A few weeks back myself and another two photographer pals headed out to Slemish mountain, just outside Broughshane, to shoot some astro photography.  My plan, as well as photographing single images of the Milky Way, was to shoot a star trail with the silhouetted outline of Slemish mountain as a secondary focal point.  The main focal point of this image would be the star trail itself.  

My location couldn't have worked any better as Polaris (the north star) was exactly where I needed it to be in relation to Slemish and the direction I wanted to shoot in.  Game on!  The only other thing we had to contend with was a spilt aeropress (my fault!) and lots of frost.  I needed about an hour's worth of images to stack together to form the star trail and I just about got it before the lens started to freeze over.  Yes, it was that cold!!

Here's the stacked image from that night.

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