ASTRO Photography Workshop - Fri 5th April 2019

* All sizes shown in inches

ASTRO Photography Workshop - Fri 5th April 2019

by Steven Hanna & Tyler Collins

Price: £120 per person

Date: Fri 5th April 2019

Time: 8pm - 1am (approx)

Location: Ballintoy / Elephant Rock


While no knowledge of night photography techniques is required for this workshop you must understand that this isn’t a beginners guide to using your DSLR or mirrorless camera. You should already have a decent working knowledge of your camera gear and how the exposure triangle works.

Note:  We both have SkyTrackers on hand for anyone to experiment with. A sky tracker is a fantastic tool for allowing you to take longer exposures of the night sky to capture a lot more detail and fainter stars with the added bonus of being able to shoot at lower ISO’s to reduce noise in your final images.